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SuJu Fic Recs

Because we all need some goodfic in our lives

Naega Michyeo Michyeo Baby~
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Fanfiction Recommendations for Super Junior

naega michyeo michyeo baby ;
Hi there, wanderer, and welcome to the den of good!fic. Here there will be no sifting and searching through countless pages of not-so-good!fic, because we will be doing that for you. So just lean back and enjoy what treasures we find for you ♥

For all us poor souls who wade through tons of fic day by day, just to find the one.

rules ;
~ Membership is now open, posting access is only given to the rec team, however
~ If you want to join the team, drop me a note at lyuna.ishizu@gmail.com
~ All recommendations will be sorted by tags
~ If you're not part of the team but have something you want recced, drop us a note, the post is linked below
~ No bashing, flaming, hating, etc. Play nice ♥

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